PL005074 – Fifo assembly lines “Patrick”


​Workstation with two sizes of work surfaces. The variability of the work surfaces makes it possible to carry out various assembly operations on a single table.




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Initial situation:

Do you need an ergonomic workstation with a variable size of work surface?
Is it important for you to use Fifo in your work process?
Is it important for you that the tools are stored in an easily accessible place that the operator can reach at all times?


  • With the ergonomic workstation, which can be mounted on two different sized work surfaces, you can carry out completely different assembly processes.
  • With the Fifo loading and return stations, the operator can easily reach the part to be assembled and bring it to the return station after the work process.
  • Balancers at head height allow easy access to the most important tools.

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Additional information

Dimensions2252 × 1602 × 2653 mm

steel – diameter 28mm, steel – diameter 28mm

Pipe version

D-COAT pipe, D-COAT pipe

Pipe wall thickness

1,0 mm, 1,0 mm


Grey (-G), Grey (-G)


no, no


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