BU008912 – Weighing and packing workstation “Adele”


Ergonomically designed workstation with recess in the work surface for boxes or similar and a monitor holder. The monitor holder allows the monitor to be set at an ideal angle.



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Initial situation:

  • Do you need a workstation where a box or similar can be embedded in a recess in the work surface?
  • Do you also need to be able to attach a monitor to the workstation on which the respective work processes have to be displayed?


  • The recess in the work surface makes it possible to embed different objects, e.g. boxes or a scale.
  • Objects then do not have to be lifted into the box, for example, but can be placed there.
  • This makes it possible to work ergonomically.
  • In addition, a monitor can easily be attached, on which, for example, the current work process or the weight can be displayed.
  • Other shelves also allow, for example, a printer to be attached or various work materials to be stored.

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Additional information

Dimensions1500 × 800 × 1946 mm

steel – diameter 28mm

Pipe version

D-COAT pipe

Pipe wall thickness

1,0 mm


Dark blue (-K)




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