BU006287 – Work tables for holding panels “Sofie”


​Large transfer table with hydraulics and extraction with ELF protection. Hydraulically retractable rollers allow easy movement and fine assembly of large parts.




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Initial situation:

  • Do you need to move and assemble large, fragile parts on a worktable?
  • Do you need to be able to perform different assembly phases on different parts of the table?
  • Do you need full ELF protection?


  • This large table with hydraulics and extension is able to change the position of large parts and perform various fine assembly operations on different parts with full ELF protection.
  • The integrated fume extractor is able to continuously extract unpleasant odours generated during the working phase.

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Additional information

Dimensions1000 × 2043 × 6000 mm

steel – diameter 28mm, steel – diameter 28mm

Pipe version

ECCO pipe (ECCO-Star), ECCO pipe (ECCO-Star)

Pipe wall thickness

1,2 mm, 1,2 mm


Grey (-G), Grey (-G)


yes, yes


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BU006287_assembly lines_Sofie_BeeWaTec_Technical Drawing(PDF)