BC108980 Mobile tool holder “CHARLES”


​Mobile tool holder on castors with perforated plate. The castors are equipped with a locking brake.




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Initial situation:

  • Do you need a tool holder that allows flexible attachment of tools?
  • Should the tool holder be usable in different places?


  • The existing perforated plate can be used to attach a wide variety of tools individually via different hooks / fastening options.
  • The tool holder can be used at different locations in your company because it is equipped with wheels.
  • The locking brakes on the wheels prevent the tool holder from rolling away.

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Additional information

Dimensions603 × 540 × 1500 mm

steel – diameter 28mm, steel – diameter 28mm

Pipe version

D-COAT pipe, D-COAT pipe

Pipe wall thickness

0,7 mm, 0,7 mm


Grey (-G), Grey (-G)


no, no


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