203478 – Compartment trolley “GABI”



Simple compartment trolley for picking and transportation of serial parts.






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Initial situation:

  • Do you need flexibly adaptable trolleys that can be changed and attached at any time?
  • So you find with the pipe racking system an extremely flexible system thatcan be adapted to all requirements.


  • This fabric compartment trolley is simply constructed and can be individually extended or adapted as required.
  • Thanks to the flexible system, additions are anytime flexible to bring in and via appropriate bracing also higher loads are possible.

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Additional information

Dimensions1056 × 856 × 1853 mm

steel – diameter 28mm, steel – diameter 28mm

Pipe version

D-COAT pipe, D-COAT pipe

Pipe wall thickness

2,0 mm, 2,0 mm


Dark blue (-K), Dark blue (-K)


no, no


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203478 - Compartment trolley "GABI"- BeeWaTec - technical drawing (pdf)


203478 - Compartment trolley "GABI" - BeeWaTec - image (jpg)