133793 – Hybrid trailer “JOACHIM”


Heavy-duty milkrun hybrid trailer. It has 4 levels and can store and transport very different parts per level.




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Initial situation:

  • Do you need a smaller but heavy-duty trolley?
  • Is it important for you to be able to easily move several of these interconnected trolleys?
  • Do you need to be able to store different parts per level?


  • This milkrun hybrid trolley with 4 levels and MC square profiles is able to store heavy parts.
  • The material used is adapted to the different levels or stored parts.
  • Metal grids have been used on the top level, roller rails with boxes on the second level, structural chamber panels on the third level and screen printing panels with a non-slip surface on the lowest level.
  • The brakeable wheels with a special surface allow easy movement despite the heavy weight.

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Additional information

Dimensions1970 × 900 × 1600 mm

Aluminum square profile, Aluminum square profile


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