130387 – MC trolley “SABRINA”


This Milkrun system trolley can be loaded with 400×600 trolleys from both sides. The aluminium profile and tubular chassis based on the MC system chassis provide the necessary stability and load-bearing capacity. The tube protection provides safety for the trolleys stored on it.




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Initial situation:

  • Do you need a system trolley?
  • Is it important for you to be able to load small trolleys easily?
  • Is it important for you that these trolleys are protected?


  • This Milkrun system trolley can store and move up to 20 trolleys of 600×400 cm on 5 levels.
  • Several trolleys can be linked together and even coupled to a forklift truck to perform movements using the brakeable wheels.
  • The MC steel profile ensures sufficient rigidity and stability.
  • The trolleys can be easily loaded from both sides of the trolley, which is secured by 2-2 pipe guards per side.
  • The shelves with anti-slip surface ensure a safe standing.

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Additional information

Dimensions1934 × 921 × 1930 mm

steel – diameter 28mm, steel – diameter 28mm

Pipe version

D-COAT pipe, D-COAT pipe

Pipe wall thickness

1,0 mm, 1,0 mm


metallic grey (-VG), metallic grey (-VG)


no, no


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